AimJoke has Been Bought

Malaysian XIE to Acquire Leading Independent Videogame Cheat Distributor, AimJoke

马来西亚 XIE 收购领先的独立电子游戏作弊分销商 AimJoke

Kuala Lumper, Malaysia - - X Infinity Entertainment ("XIE") announced today that it has completed and signed definitive agreements with AimJoke team to acquire "" a premier independent videogame cheat retailer that has distributed some premium and high-quality cheats. This acquisition will give XIE access to AimJoke's world class cheat library and approach to live game cheats services and technology expertise, furthering XIE's vision to reach millions of players. AimJoke team will continue to operate independently, but transition to a new operation name called Cybercore. Post-acquisition, AimJoke team will be an independent subsidiary of XIE and run by its Board of Directors, chaired by Don Frank and AimJoke's current site management team. Aimjoke team has released to XIE all equity and property rights for This transaction is subject to certain undisclosed conditions.

马来西亚吉隆坡 - X Infinity Entertainment(“XIE”)今天宣布已完成并签署最终协议 AimJoke 团队收购“”,这是一家首屈一指的独立视频游戏作弊零售商,分销了一些优质和高质量的游戏 作弊。 此次收购将使 XIE 能够使用 AimJoke 的世界级作弊库和现场游戏作弊服务的方法,以及 技术专业知识,进一步推动了 XIE 的愿景,以接触数百万玩家。 AimJoke 团队将继续独立运作,但 转换为名为 Cybercore 的新操作名称。 收购后,AimJoke 团队将成为 XIE 的独立子公司,由董事会运营,由 Don Frank 和 AimJoke 目前的网站管理团队。 Aimjoke 团队已向 XIE 发布了 的所有股权和财产权。 本次交易 受某些未公开的条件约束。